A Lunchtime Storm

I was minding my own button business, sorting through a ‘new’ box of vintage patterns, when I heard the crack and rumble. I looked up at the vast, vaulted blue ceiling of the Paddington Antique Centre as though I would see clouds. Once upon a time, in the Plaza Theatre‘s hey-day I would have, but today it was just the old ceiling with blue plaster peeling off it, giving the historic building a lovely charm. Outside however, the skies were darkened with heavy clouds, so black the lightning flashes were visible at midday. The rain was falling in sheets and our parched gardens and lawns were enjoying a Brisbane Summer’s day lunchtime storm.

Paddington Antique Centre interior

Normally from the button shop, tucked away inside the huge Paddington Antique Centre, it is impossible to know what is going on outside, but this storm must have been huffing and puffing. Aside from the grumbling skies, the buzz of the delightful treasure trove that is the centre, became even more hyped as people flocked in from Latrobe Terrace to escape the wet. The Plaza was doing what it was initially designed to do and was carrying the excited voices, and the squeals of delight at the much needed rain, through the big space and up to where I was sitting in the button shop. I left the Vogue, Simplicity and Easy McCalls I was packing to go see the rain. I walked through the shop past the the buttons, ribbons & antique laces and along theย upper level of the centre past the photography studio with its exquisite costumes and dresses. I made my way by the cabinets of vintage brooches, beads and jewellery and towards the new Paddington Antique Centre Cafe. The grinding of the fresh beans and the clicking of them being dispensed made me stop. I breathed in the smell of the fresh Blue Sky coffee. The hiss of the steamer releasing as the barista worked the coffee machine made me decide that this beautiful rainy day was the perfect time to have a coffee.

Paddington Antique Centre Cafe

There is nothing better than a well made cup of coffee. On a rainy day. In a beautiful cafe. Enjoyed with the company of a good friend, a good book, or the fabulous smug feeling that you just found a great buy. The new Paddington Antique Centre Cafe is a beautiful place to be enjoyed. The freshly refurbished plantation like surrounds will transport you to another time and place. Beautiful butterflies and the iconic artwork of Jan Jorgenson hang on the vintage wallpapered walls. I sit, as I wait for my coffee, on the revamped lacquered cane chairs letting the mouth watering smell of cakes baking envelope me. My stomach rumbles like the thunder outside as I scan the new menu of delicious lunch items and more-ish treats.

Inspired and relaxed from my visit to the new cafe, I make my way back to the button shop with my coffee. I walk past the antique and vintage wares to the sound of excited chatter inside the centre and the sound of a Brisbane Summer’s day storm thundering down outside.


Paddington Antique Centre CafePaddington Antique Centre Cafe

Paddington Antique Centre Cafe