Clowning About

How many people can get home from work of an evening and be asked by their partner, “Honey how was your day?” and be able to answer, “Fabulous! A clown came into the shop today.”

I can, because that is what happened.

Every day at Buttons @ Paddington is fabulous. It is fabulous because of the people I meet. It seems that everyone has a unique and intriguing story to tell and I count myself lucky to be able to hear some of them. So as customers look at buttons and I ask the innocent question of,  “What are you making?” it is with the most genuine glee that I hear responses like, “Actually, I’m a clown…”

What was she looking for? Big, bright, clown buttons of course! No doubt for her clown shirt to go with her big clown bow tie, that would match her oversized clown shoes. Selecting the biggest, brightest of our stock, my new clown friend left, leaving me with her business card and making my delightful. Like only a clown can.

Big Clown-like Buttons

Clown-like Buttons

What are you working on at the moment? What are YOU making?

Novelty Buttons - Little People

Novelty Buttons – Little People


Guardian of the Buttons

I have been working at Buttons @ Paddington for about six weeks now and the question I get asked by customers, more than any other, is where do I get my buttons from?  I must tell you, I cannot claim ownership to the sensational collection of notions that we have in the shop. The amazing collection has two owners, both whose passion has seen them source buttons from all over the world. I am, you could say, Guardian of the Buttons. Custodian to the collection for three days a week, four hours a day. While Buttons @ Paddington is open 7 days a week 10am-5pm, I attend the shop on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 11am-3pm. I am here to present new stock, set up displays  and keep you up to date on all things buttons via our Facebook pageand here at our blog. But most importantly, I am here to help customers find the perfect button, or piece of vintage haberdashery, for whatever project they may be working on, or assist them in finding a new little keepsake for their own button collection.

Before commencing work at Buttons @ Paddington, I knew buttons were pretty neat, “cute as” and fairly vital to many of the outfits I wear each day. However, I had no idea of the variety of designs and materials that the little fastener could come in. With a background in art and design, I had no problem seeing the extraordinary beauty in the stock that sat shimmering in the cabinets like little gems and jewels and it wasn’t long before I was coming up with my own great ideas focusing on the humble, and as I have discovered, not so humble button.

I have learnt so much already from you, our customers, about the history of buttons and about the different crafts that you do. I invite you to visit Buttons @ Paddington and have a look at our collection. Or, send me your ideas and fabulous button finds. Share with us your creations and I will happily share them here for everyone to enjoy. And in the meantime, I will share with you stories from Buttons @ Paddington.

Until next time,


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Lots of Buttons

Welcome to Buttons @ Paddington

Welcome to Buttons @ Paddington!

For those of you that don’t know us, Buttons @ Paddington is situated inside the popular Paddington Antique Centre in Brisbane, Queensland. We are home to 1000s of perfect buttons sourced from all over the world. Our collection includes antique, vintage finds dating back to the 1860s; and also new, modern designs.

Buttons @ Paddington is nestled in a cosy little corner of the centre. Our delightful shop is filled not just with buttons, but also antique and vintage haberdashery. Antique sewing machines, vintage fabrics, lace and trimmings, crocheting yarn, patterns and linen are just some of the items we carry. Our stock moves continuously with fabulous new finds, and our displays and collections are always changing.

Visit us at the shop and join us here online and on Facebook as we share a love of buttons. We invite you to share your craft and jewellery ideas, sewing and creative creations for everyone to enjoy.

Follow us and learn some interesting facts, see amazing creations, hear some fabulous stories from Buttons @ Paddington, or just keep an eye out for the perfect button.