Button Bouquets

Years ago, a friend of mine with terrible allergies got married. Not wanting to risk streaming eyes that weren’t tears of emotional joy, or sneezing her vows, or having a red nose in her wedding photos; she decided to have a bouquet made from silk flowers. A mighty clever choice and they looked stunning. And most probably still do today!

Another friend of mine recently got married in Las Vegas. It’s the Marriage Capital of the World and the place where weddings can be redefined. Hosting about 115,000 weddings a year it is the ultimate venue where the bright lights are the decorations, the atmosphere is electrifying and exciting and the guests are everyone else who is in Vegas.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas Lights

So what is the best accessory to compliment the stunning lights? What topped off my friend’s gorgeous 1950s inspired wedding dress with the fuchsia pink trim? A button bouquet of course! Perhaps it didn’t have a fragrance that lingered, but it certainly added a personal touch that will last forever.

Button Bouquet 1Button Bouquet 2Button Bouquet 3

Her bouquet was from Lillybuds Bespoke Bridal.  It is simply delightful.

Ever thought of making a button bouquet? It doesn’t need to be for a wedding, it could be to add a little bit of a joy to your home, a gift for a girlfriend or your mum or grandma. It could give you a reason to use all those lovely little buttons you have been collecting for years!

Here are a couple of simple steps to making a button bouquet:

  1. Buttons. You need lots of them! Don’t have enough in you button jar? Ask your friends, you mum or your grandma; try Op Shops, garage sales or visit us at Buttons @ Paddington for some stunning feature buttons.
  2. Other Bits & Bobs. To make the button flowers you will need metal florist wire and maybe some florist tape. You may also like to use other accessories like lace, pearls, beads, special mementoes or keepsakes, maybe even old brooches.  This could be a great way to put all those special little bits & bobs you have never wanted to throw away to good use and make them even more special.
  3. Make Button “Flowers”:  Stack two or three buttons on top of each other in order of size, starting with the largest and finishing with the smallest button on top. Let your imagination go wild, sort colours, contrast colours, shapes and patterns. Then, cut a piece of wire. It needs to be double the length of the bouquet. Thread the buttons onto the wire through the holes. (Buttons with shanks may be difficult to do this with. Try using them as feature buttons thread individually onto wire. See step 4.) To keep the buttons secure and tight, bend the wire and push it back through the holes in the opposite direction.
  4. Add Features: If you want to add any special features like lace, ribbon or feature buttons. Wire them individually.
  5. Arrange the Bouquet: Arrange the wire button “flowers” and featured wire pieces into a bunch, the same way you would normal flowers.
  6. Secure: Tie the wire stems together with a rubber band, just below the flowers so it can’t be seen. Use ribbon to wrap around the stems or tie as a bow.
  7. Finishing Touches: Check the bouquet for wire protrusions. Use florist tape to cover wire if needed. Add any extra bling or embellishments if required. Bend button “flower” stems into desired position if needed.



Guardian of the Buttons

I have been working at Buttons @ Paddington for about six weeks now and the question I get asked by customers, more than any other, is where do I get my buttons from?  I must tell you, I cannot claim ownership to the sensational collection of notions that we have in the shop. The amazing collection has two owners, both whose passion has seen them source buttons from all over the world. I am, you could say, Guardian of the Buttons. Custodian to the collection for three days a week, four hours a day. While Buttons @ Paddington is open 7 days a week 10am-5pm, I attend the shop on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 11am-3pm. I am here to present new stock, set up displays  and keep you up to date on all things buttons via our Facebook pageand here at our blog. But most importantly, I am here to help customers find the perfect button, or piece of vintage haberdashery, for whatever project they may be working on, or assist them in finding a new little keepsake for their own button collection.

Before commencing work at Buttons @ Paddington, I knew buttons were pretty neat, “cute as” and fairly vital to many of the outfits I wear each day. However, I had no idea of the variety of designs and materials that the little fastener could come in. With a background in art and design, I had no problem seeing the extraordinary beauty in the stock that sat shimmering in the cabinets like little gems and jewels and it wasn’t long before I was coming up with my own great ideas focusing on the humble, and as I have discovered, not so humble button.

I have learnt so much already from you, our customers, about the history of buttons and about the different crafts that you do. I invite you to visit Buttons @ Paddington and have a look at our collection. Or, send me your ideas and fabulous button finds. Share with us your creations and I will happily share them here for everyone to enjoy. And in the meantime, I will share with you stories from Buttons @ Paddington.

Until next time,


Submit your projects via our Facebook page, or email to buttonsatpaddington@outlook.com

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